Aqualis® MAP solub – Phosphate Fertilizer


Aqualis® MAP solub is a fully water-soluble monoammonium phosphate fertilizer in the form of a free flowing, crystalline powder. Its main role is as a P fertilizer in fertigation programs: for all fertigated crops under drip irrigation, sprinkler systems, for fertigated greenhouses, vegetables, fruits and flowers in any growing medium, as well as open fields and orchards.

Aqualis® MAP solub is specially recommended in the first stages of growth of plants, when the availability of P is critical for the establishment of root system and the combination of P and N are desired.
The acidic pH of the Aqualis® MAP solub increases the availability of the phosphate and the micronutrients.

typical nutrient content 12 : 0 : 61

Aqualis® MAP solub – Specifications
  • Ammonium Nitrogen (N-NH4) 12%
  • Phosphorus (P2O5) 61%
  • Phosphorus (P) 26.6%
  • Solubility (20°C) 380G/L Water
  • EC (0.1 % at 25°C) 0.8MS/CM
  • pH (5 % solution 4.5
  • Form Crystalline
  • Color White

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Aqualis® MAP solub – Properties
  • Aqualis® MAP solub contains contains both nitrogen (as ammonium, NH4 ) and phosphorus (as phosphate, P2O5 ), which are immediately available to plants, suitable for rapid uptake.
  • High in P, main role as a P fertilizer in fertigation programs.
  • Can be used as the sole P source throughout the growth period for any crop.
  • 100 % assimilable nutrients, ensuring total availability of nitrogen and phosphorus to the plant.
  • Chloride and sodium free.
  • White, fully water-soluble and practically free of impurities and residues.
  • Quickly dissolves to a clear solution with no clogging of the irrigation system.
  • Non hygroscopic and free flowing.
  • Moderately acidic.
  • Acidifies the solution thus increasing the availability and uptake of P and micronutrients.
  • Eco-friendly: negligible amounts of heavy metals.
  • No residual contaminants or hazardous residues.
  • Safe and easy to store and use.
  • Available in 25 kg bags and big bags.

Aqualis® MAP solub – Application

Aqualis® MAP solub is recommended in the first stages of growth of plants, its high P solubility and availability enhances root development and establishment of seedlings.

Aqualis® MAP solub is usually mixed with soluble sources of N (urea, AN) and K (KNO3, KCl), to balance the N:P:K ratio suitable to the crop requirement.

Due to especially pure H3PO4 Aqualis® MAP solub, it can be used as a foliar spray or added to irrigation water without any residues.

Aqualis® MAP solub is compatible with the majority of pesticides and fertilizers. When Aqualis® MAP solub is to be mixed with other components, it is recommended to perform a combatibility test prior to tank mix.

Aqualis® MAP solub can be mixed with all water-soluble fertilizers, except for calcium fertilizers and concentrated magnesium solutions. In hydroponic systems, it should normally be added to the B tank.

Aqualis® MAP solub has a buffering effect which will help stabilize the pH of the solution at around 4.5. Its acid reaction offsets the calcareous soils, thus increasing the availability of P and micronutrients.