We know growth

The EuroChem Group

With a presence in all three primary nutrients, EuroChem has grown to become one of the world’s leading fertilizer companies.

Our extensive regional presence provides our customers with a broad
portfolio of plant nutrition solutions. Our fertilizers for field crops, horticulture, fruit farming and viticulture deliver the full range of important nutrients.
Our approach has always been to ensure that our customers can take advantage of a complete range of fertilizers from one source for every application. That is why we have expanded our portfolio to include high-quality Aqualis® water soluble fertilizers for every application.

All our fertilizers are produced in full compliance with extremely strict quality standards, and only the very best raw materials are used.

Environment and sustainability

Whether climate change, the growth in the world’s population or the shortage of resources – our future is full of challenges and offers many new opportunities. We are sure that the importance of agriculture will increase considerably in the coming years. New technologies are appearing all the time, and more and more young people are again deciding to enter the “green” professions. The agribusiness is becoming a key industry in meeting these major challenges, so that future generations too will be able to prosper, while living in harmony with nature.

Valuable partner to both customers and suppliers

Reliability and respect are among the most important fundamental principles to long-term relationships – this applies both to customer loyalty as well as to employee engagement. To promote initiative and entrepreneurial thinking and provide an environment where employees can develop their numerous abilities. We focus on collective values and always view the company’s success in connection our team, our employees.

EuroChem globally

With a presence in all three primary nutrients, we have grown to become one of the world’s leading fertilizer companies