What it means for you

Our range of Aqualis® water-soluble fertilizers support maximum yields in an environmentally friendly manner, helping to deliver healthy harvests and improved profitability for farmers

Soluble fertilizer – Key facts

Optimal nutrient uptake for higher yields
The optimization of fertilization is a fundamental aspect of modern, sustainable agriculture, which strives for healthy harvests and maximum yields in an environmentally friendly manner, while ensuring farm profitability

No more clogging
The use of fertilizers in drip irrigation systems requires products which are both fully water-soluble and free of impurities in order to avoid blockages in the irrigation system. We developed our Aqualis® water-soluble fertilizers to ensure fast and complete dissolution in water

Better crop quality
Our Aqualis® water-solubles also improve certain aspects of crop quality, including a reduced nitrate content of the leaves and fruit, a more uniform size, increased consistency, improved color and better conservation

More environmentally friendly
Applying soluble fertilizers reduces nitrate leaching as well as the emission of nitrogen gases into the atmosphere