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EuroChem‘s range of Aqualis® water-soluble fertilizers consists of products engineered to make fertigation even more effective. Our products offer fixed fertilizer dosage for optimized crop nutrition, resulting in increased crop quality and yields.

Aqualis® UP Solub, water-soluble urea phosphate

Highest solubility for any crop in alkaline conditions

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Aqualis® MAP Solub

Fully water-soluble monoammonium phosphate fertilizer

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Potassium sulfate – Aqualis® SOP Solub

The most concentrated chloride-free source of potassium in the market

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Aqualis® CN Solub

A highly efficient source of calcium and nitrogen

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Aqualis® NOP solub

A versatile source of potassium for quality gains

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Aqualis® Nitrophoska® Solub 7-12-40

Provides macronutrients and micronutrients

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Aqualis® Nitrophoska® Solub 20-20-20

Provides macronutrients and micronutrients

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Aqualis® Nitrophoska® Solub 13-40-13

Provides macronutrients and micronutrients

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Aqualis® ENTEC® Solub 21

Inhibits the transformation of ammonium nitrogen into nitrate nitrogen

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Aqualis Nitrofoska Solub 12-5-30

For better growth & higher yield

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Aqualis® water-soluble fertilizers are virtually free of chlorine and other undesirable elements, and ensure fast and complete dissolution in water. We offer a wide range of Aqualis® water-soluble products suited for fertigation, foliar feeding or hydroponics.

The adoption of Aqualis® water-soluble fertilizer in fertigation, foliar feeding or hydroponic systems is a strong step towards more effective plant nutrition.

At EuroChem, we work hard to ensure that all our Aqualis® water-soluble fertilizers meet the highest standards of quality. And the results speak for themselves. Since we started our own water-soluble production, we have seen great customer response and rapid adoption in markets all over the world.

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Aqualis® Water-soluble Fertilizers

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